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Modulcode: Inf-KliModSim
Englische Bezeichnung: Climate Models and Simulation
Modulverantwortliche(r): Prof. Dr. Thomas Slawig
Turnus: unregelmäßig (SS17)
Präsenzzeiten: 4V 2Ü
Workload: 270 Std.
Dauer: ein Semester
Modulkategorien: TG (MSc Inf.) MV (MSc Inf.) MSc Math (Export) MSc CGE (Export) WI (MSc Inf (15))
Lehrsprache: Englisch


Motivated by typical climate models of different types and complexity, the main methods of modeling, mathematical analysis and solution techniques are learned.


The students understand the basic principles of climate modeling and simulation, including mathematical modeling and analysis as well as discretization an solution techniques. They are able to perform simple modeling tasks, to implement models, run simulations and interpret results.



  • Climate system
  • Classification of climate models

The following model types will be studied:

  • Energy balance models
  • Box models
  • Transport models
  • Ocean models
  • Ecosystem models

The following mathematical model classes will be discussed:

  • ordinary and partial differential equations
  • stationary and unsteady models

Mathematical topics:

  • Existence and uniqueness of solutions
  • Numerical discretization
  • Computation of steady and periodic solutions

Weitere Voraussetzungen:

one and multidimensional calculus, (differentiation, Taylor series, integration), linear algebra (matrices, equation solving, eigenvalues), basic numerical knowledge, programming in a higher language.


Oral exam.

Lehr- und Lernmethoden:

"Inverted/flipped Classroom Method":

  • Students read before the lecture
  • in the lectures: (i) questions or quizzes are used to repeat the read content

(ii) additional aspects are discussed (iii) at the end: new content is motivated by questions written and programming exercises



Thomas Slawig: Klimamodelle und Klimasimulationen, Springer Spektrum, 2015