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Modulcode: Inf-KliModSim
Englische Bezeichnung: Climate Models and Simulation
Modulverantwortliche(r): Prof. Dr. Thomas Slawig
Turnus: unregelmäßig (SS17, WS18/19)
Präsenzzeiten: 4V 2Ü
Workload: 270 Std.
Dauer: ein Semester
Modulkategorien: TG (MSc Inf.) MV (MSc Inf.) MSc Math (Export) MSc CGE (Export) WI (MSc Inf (15))
Lehrsprache: Englisch
Voraussetzungen: Inf-Math-A Inf-Math-B Inf-Math-C Inf-Prog


Motivated by typical climate models of different types and complexity, the main methods of modeling and numerical techniques for simulation and data assimilation are learned.


The students understand the basic principles of climate modeling, simulation and data assimilation. This includes mathematical modeling and numerical methods for discretization and solution. They are able to implement models or parts of them or work with given ones. Moreover, they are able to perform simulation and data assimilation runs and interpret their results.


  • Overview of the climate system
  • Exemplified climate models, e. g. energy balance models, box models, transport and ecosystem models
  • Numerical discretization in space and time
  • Computation of steady solutions
  • Optionally:
  • Data and data assimilation
  • Good scientific programming and software engineering
  • Working with a "real-world" climate model

Weitere Voraussetzungen:


Oral exam.

Lehr- und Lernmethoden:

Lecture, self-study, discussions, group exercises, theoretical and programming exercises as homework, inverted/flipped classroom method



  • Thomas Slawig: Klimamodelle und Klimasimulationen, Springer Spektrum 2015
  • John B. Drake: Climate Modeling for Scientists and Engineers, SIAM 2014
  • Hans Kaper, Hans Engler: Mathematics and Climate, SIAM 2013
  • Hans Kaper, Christiane Rousseau: Mathematics for Planet Earth, SIAM 2015
  • Kendal McGuffie, Ann Henderson-Sellers: The Climate Modeling Primer, Wiley 2014